Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips are available both polished and non-polished.
Polished tips are available from 150µm to 350µm.
Non-polished tips are available from 125µm to 185µm.

Polished tips:

Suitable for oocyte/embryo handling.
Flame polished end to prevent scratching.
Simple loading and unloading use with Gentletransfer and Easytransfer.
Sterilized by irradiation.
One cell mouse embryo tested and Endotoxin tested.
Stored in a contamination-preventing vial.

Non-polished tips:

For oocyte stripping
Simple loading and unloading
Use with Easytransfer
Sterilized by irradiation
One cell mouse embryo tested and Endotoxin tested
Stored individually

A special design for pipette tip load makes loading and unloading very simple and a glass pipette tip works with flexibility to avoid breaking.

GentleTransfer GentleTransfer

Pipette tip loading: Inserting a glass pipette tips into the silicone tubing with one finger holding the silicone tubing. No need to insert the glass pipette tip into the metal tubing.

Pipette tip unloading: Using one finger to hold the silicone tubing while pulling out the glass pipette tip.

Replace silicone tubing: When the silicone tubing need be replaced (concern of leakage), simply remove the old piece from the metal tubing and replace it with another piece of silicone tubing (enclosed).