A piston-driven pipette designed to move media up and down the glass tip with accurate movement according to how far in or how far out the plunger is pushed. It can transfer oocytes/embryos with more force yet a very smooth motion making way for little medium carryover as with the Gentletransfer. The Easytransfer also has a thicker/wide grip to maintain comfort for long-term use.

A special design for pipette tip load makes loading and unloading very simple and a glass pipette tip works with flexibility to avoid breaking.


Pipette tip loading: Inserting a glass pipette tips into the silicone tubing with one finger holding the silicone tubing. No need to insert the glass pipette tip into the metal tubing.

Pipette tip unloading: Using one finger to hold the silicone tubing while pulling out the glass pipette tip.

Replace silicone tubing: When the silicone tubing need be replaced (concern of leakage), simply remove the old piece from the metal tubing and replace it with another piece of silicone tubing (enclosed).